Vintage hardwood framed windows, especially wood sash window cases, feature an unique and undeniable beauty. On the appropriate building, they appear really at home. Having said that, timber-framed together with single-paned glazing comes along with a number of issues which will wind up costing you money and time for many years. These are all concerns that UPVC windows can easily eliminate.


Single-paned wood windows are particularly prone to condensation. The variance in heat on either side of the glass produces moisture content to develop on the inside side. This is notably horrible during the course of winter and during the night, once the heat range contrast is certainly far more severe.

This fluid will probably collect on the window until it eventually becomes too weighty. It will subsequently stream down the glass and pool on the timber window ledges and frames. It really gets right into the corners, over time running into through vulnerabilities in the gloss. And once within the timber, it will cause the wood to weaken and rot. This compromises the security of the window, regularly provoking holes occurring close to the edges of the pane. If you want to eliminate the condensation, you either will need to diligently clean it up regularly and ensure that the wooden frames are looked after repeatedly. Leave it too long and it will likely all want changing.

Fortunately, a UPVC pane can absolutely help do away with this situation. The mix of double-glazed glass, complete with vacuum or gas-filled insulation in between, reduces the temperature difference in between inside and outside the space. Which means moisture is generally considerably less likely to develop. Additionally, UPVC is an extraordinarily sturdy product which is not really vulnerable to water penetration or maybe damage. Water should simply remain on it up until it dries. Which in turn guarantees you will never need to spend many hours wiping down the glass or treating the timber frames.

Security And Safety

Windows are, by their nature, vulnerable points in your house security and safety. Wooden frames and single-pane panes are readily cracked or crowbarred open, suggesting you are at risk of break-ins and theft. Similarly, as solo panes are certainly a lot easier to fracture, they could be a health and safety danger.

More modern UPVC windows are simply the practical solution to all of these particular issues. Double glazing is many times more robust compared to single-pane glass and UPVC frames close tighter and with a more durable seal than old timber designs. That guarantees when getting UPVC windows you are possibly making a great leap to making your home more secure. For everybody who is looking for extra info with reference to double glazing units this specific internet page features a whole lot more content articles relevant to emergency glaziers.

Repair And Maintenance

Wooden frames, whenever they are exposed to the harshes of the British climate-- including showers, cold and the sun's rays-- will start to look tired and worn out quickly after a few short years. They are in need of routine servicing both outdoors and inside maintain all of them shipshape. Which involves a large volume of your time squandered sanding, filling up cracks, preparation and painting them. Or at the minimum a significant fee in order to pay others to undertake this.

Modern-day UPVC windows are usually repair and maintenance free. The materiels are certainly extremely resilient and very long lasting and do not discolour in the wet stuff or direct sun light. As soon as replaced, you are guaranteed years of problem-free panes. In point of fact, the only thing you'll have to arrange is give them a perfunctory clean every so often-- just like you would most other windows.


Anyone might imagine that UPVC window patterns are a lttle bit minimal however, that's not the case. Alongside the traditional white colored UPVC replacement window, you will be able to select from a range of other colour themes to accommodate your concept plan. And, as well as UPVC sash windows, you can surely procure them in a range of other construction styles, including things like traditional sash windows. Certainly, whichever design style you're looking for, there's almost certainly a UPVC window to suit.


These days, to change out timber windows will most likely cost the very same if not much more than UPVC windows. UPVC window costs have already reduced over the years and are now very inexpensive, this is dues predominately to the popularity of their use. More or less every single new build or redesign scheme in the UK depends on UPVC windows thanks to the numerous benefits listed above.

Therefore, if your outdated wooden windows are appearing tired, if the rot has set in, and if you are just simply fed up of toweling down the condensation every morning in a desperate attempt to avoid deterioration, then it could possibly be time to make the improvement. Get in touch with your UPVC window manufacturer to obtain an estimate and discover how convenient it may be to make your abode much safer, more comfortable and less troublesome to take care of.